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Quebec City

At the Margelle Ste-Foy College


Prog en Beauce

Live at CKIA-FM 8h00 pm

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It was in 2006 that the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Stéphane Desbiens and author Francis Foy founded D Project. The first album « Shimmering Lights » evoked a mix of different music styles; progressive rock, classical, metal including jazz.In 2008, was the release of the album « Sagarmatha Dilemma », for which the music was inspired by Mount Everest images and its conquest by the climber Maxime Jean. In 2011, D Project offered a more rock and direct sound with the album « Big Face », Then came the album « Making Sense » which arrived just in time for the band to offer a memorable performance at the 2014 Quebec Summer Festival with Marillion. Moreover, part of the sound of the last three albums was produced by Andy Jackson, Pink Floyd sound engineer. D Project always surrounded themselves with prestigious musician and artists.D Project is a mix of Pink Floyd, Genesis and King Crimson, but with a personal touch and characteristic sound. ‘’Pink Floyd meets Classic rock’’ ‘’Find your Sun’’